Brown Paper Packages

Have you ever MET someone who connects with your heart and you want to WATCH over them like a guardian angel?

Have you ever wondered if certain people were SENT into your life at just the right moment to reinforce all the things you’ve known inside your SOUL all along?

          I HAVE….and I’m so thankful.



*Written for M.B. 5/17/12


Ambience To Our Present



       The PAST is woven into our fabric,

          an ambience to our present.








 LIKE  hummingbirds sipping nectar from FLOWERs, we seek the sweetness in the day.



     Creating CELEBRATIONS

from simplicity…






..and experiencing SHY presences surrounding us in the garden,

 we pen the AUTOBIOGRAPHY of our hearts,

                                                and emit the  LIGHT from our souls.                                             

                                                                                                                    (Marsha 5/14/12)


Lavendar Blue Dilly Dilly

It won’t be long before

the FIELDS are uncovered from their winter

protection and the GREENING of

the lavendar fields begins. The July calendar

is already marked with LAVENDAR Festival reminders.

COZY candle emits the sweet scent

that FILLS the room.



With seed catalogs CLUTTERING desks and bed-side tables,

 it’s clear gardeners are dreaming of the SEASON ahead.



 Lavendar WISPS  falling softly

                                                        down stairs like CURLS  kissing babies…










SICKLES and scissors cut bundles

bound in twine for DRYING.

A PROFUSION of color, scent and an 

opportunity for decorating SPLENDOR.




                              Lavendar LOVE goin’ on…………                                   (Marsha 4/26/12)