Greetings from a woman who has been around the block a few times (in mostly good ways). They tell me age is all in your head.  I choose something about 2 decades away from where I actually am. I like that state of mind and intend to stay there no matter what my body says.

I’ve learned life can be filled with joy if you are willing to give, laughter is very healing, choice in outlook can actually save your life, and I  believe our mission in life was likely predetermined. Experiencing the journey through the physical world is a gift that comes with a time limit so why not live, love, smell, taste, experience and create?

I’ve also learned that nobody gets off scott-free. A fatal gunshot and death of one of my two children is proof enough for me.

I could easily be described as a foodie, earth & garden lover with conservative tendencies (go figure); perpetual floor plan illustrator & imaginary landscape creator, easily inspired delish recipe experimenter of dishes suitable for the non-culinary trained cook; reader & movie lover who sometimes attends alone, short-term getaway craver who misses home after a few days, fair-skinned sun worshipper who loves the chaise but needs to be triple dipped in SPF50, margarita lover who knows where to find the best margarita bartender on the planet, music loving dancer who should never presume she has talent because it exists only in her head, …..  wife & mom who loved raising two vivacious active daughters to be self reliant, to have caring hearts, to remember to keep a sense of humor…….and to make time to enjoy the ‘artsy’ side of life along the way.

The journey continues

Marsha @ MyBigRedShoe


2 thoughts on “Who’s RESPONSIBLE For This?

  1. Marsha … love love love the name of your blog – then again I love red shoes! I’ve been around a few blocks myself … even lived in Seattle for 6 months – Thanks for sharing – Susan

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