Party Planner Hits Home Run

There’s something fabulous afoot when your 79 year old father PLANS a Fourth Of July Party. It is highly possible this is the FIRST party he has ever planned because MOM has always been the master party planner in the family.

DAD invited the kids (that would be my generation…far from ‘kid’ age) AND grandkids.

He put up a table on the backyard DECK, covered it with a patriotic tablecloth,

hung FLAGS everywhere, went shopping at the party store and RETURNED with:

FLAG napkins, red plastic MARGARITA glasses, and other assorted party decor.

He set-up the BLENDER on the outdoor table, WHIPPED up margaritas in professional style, turned up the PATRIOTIC tunes playing on his boombox and served those delicious libations to a very PLEASED group of middle-aged ‘kids’.

Shortly thereafter, he DISAPPEARED for 20 minutes for a quick trip to Taco Bell to pick up a travel pack of tacos and VOILA…dinner was served.

This 4th of July I was THANKFUL for my party planning Dad. May we all find ways to CELEBRATE our lives, families and blessings….no matter what AGE we are!



One thought on “Party Planner Hits Home Run

  1. Okay that is just simply awesome! Not only at his age, but for his first party! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I hope to be like him when I hit those numbers!

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