Ever Think About This?

Thought For Today (5/21/12)

Sometimes a person can just relate.

I’ll get started again next week….




Thought For Today (5/18/12)

What’s Up With The… HATE THE 1% ?

 I know of a man who started life poor, never went to college, worked odd jobs and then worked for a (gasp) 1%-er. He saved his money, lived frugally and began his own small business while still working for Mr. 1%. Within 2 years he was able to sustain his new small business and left his full time job.

Over a 10 year period he hired 20 employees while he and his young family rented a small home. By year 15 his business grew to 30 employees and his bank account also grew. He provided health and dental care insurance for his employees.

By year 20 his taxes were 35% of his income and the government regulations on his business had become so strangling, he had to let 2 employees go. He has reached the (gasp again) 1% of Americans that politicians are telling us to envy and punish. Last year he had saved enough to retire, but he is 60 years old, still filled with energy and loves his work. Though he could retire and travel, he realized that his retirement would cause the closing of his business (or selling of it) and 45 people would lose their jobs, …thus 45 potential American families might struggle. So THAT evil 1%-er decided to cross his fingers, hope the government does not regulate him out of business….keep on running the business. 

Small businesses employ nearly 1/2 the private sector employees. My contention is that they aren’t evil and they aren’t trying to take anything from any of us. Are politicians using the latest bad/evil news about banks and wall street to get us to lump all 1%-ers together?

People in their 20’s and 30’s are not likely to be in the 1% unless they inherited the wealth or a business that a family member spent years building. It takes time, sacrifice, long work days, and willingness to risk to grow something into a thriving business. We should be inspired by people who are willing to do that rather than angry at their success. Sorry, I’m just not a 1% hater. MOST of them are small business owners who have helped many of us by providing jobs.   I’m not willing to lump them in with the greedy bankers whose stories make T.V. headlines.

Book: The Millionaire Next Door: Researcher collected stats of the typical millionaire in America. The surprise: he/she typically owns a small business (like a janatorial business), lives in a middle income neigborhood (not a McMansion), drinks Budweiser beer (not fancy upper end cocktails), drives an American car that is not new (and owes nothing on it)………very interesting book.

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Thought For Today (5/16/12)

In an effort to scrounge for something SWEET to snack on last night I found an OLD abandoned Weight Watchers ice cream bar hiding in the FREEZER…smashed and misshapen. I knew it would likely taste freezer burned, but I peeled open the wrapper with images  of Ben and Jerry’s dancing through my head. Why do I set my self up for SUCH a let down? Yes…I ate every blechy freezer tasting bite.

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Yes, the Honey Badger Youtube nature clips are NOT meant for kids, but I don’t have kids in earshot anymore

…and narrator, Randall, can make me laugh with his exclamation,

“Honey Badger Don’t Care!”

Sometimes that line just fits perfectly into a  ‘life’ situation. Who knew there were Honey Badger beer tags. Go figure…






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