Caution: Falling Coconuts

WE RARELY see falling coconut signs like this in Seattle

      ….. okay, we NEVER see signs like this here.

 I suppose our warning signs might say, “Be CAREFUL people…your Starbucks is flippin’ hot“.

Regardless of warnings, I would JOYFULLY enjoy a cup of joe with any of these coconut concoctions.



This recipe, from the Dough Puncher, is a winner because of the fresh ingredients used.

For those who need to bake at light speed, The Dough Puncher includes a ‘quick’ version at the end of the recipe. This DESSERT is made in a casserole dish rather than a pie plate….more servings!

 Coconut Love! 




Tequila Lime Coconut Bars

Now, there’s not much I  don’t like about tequila and lime. Add a little triple sec and rim salt..and I’m happy to reside in my own little  Margaritaville. 

Jimmy Buffett would love this fab dessert from The Creative Mama It does NOT disappoint. Check out that blog for the recipe as well as other great CULINARY delights. 




For someone who as spent most of her life turning down coconut delights (no thank you Almond Joy), my newfound COCONUT love is ALLURING and exciting.

Flashback to the 1920’s when the ladies gathered at meetings and DELIGHTFUL delicacies were served to women wearing gloves. This  recipe, available at Delish, was often made with  marshmallow FROSTING but this one calls for 7-Minute Frosting…one my mother used to make when I was a child. You’ll find the classic 7-Minute Frosting recipe at Real Food Has Curves.

Coconut Lime Shortbread Cookies
Shortbread? Nuf said. BUTTER upon butter upon heavenly butter. What’s life without a little butter? Add the lime shavings and fresh coconut in this recipe from Gimme Some Oven and a masterpiece is born. 
There’s something TROPICAL that comes over us when the SUN comes out in Seattle….we drive top down in 45 degree weather, wear SHORTS & tank tops, JUMP into the frigid salt WATER and dream of coconuts and drinks with little umbrellas in them.

3 thoughts on “Caution: Falling Coconuts

  1. *snickering* I love coconut…anything! My hubby, not so much. Have you really made each one of these recipes? Can I come over for coffee and cake? 🙂 YUM!!! This post will have to go in the memory bank for the recipes!

  2. Yes, I love to cook and after trying a lot of Paeleo recipes (which these are NOT) I was introduced to fresh shaved coconut which is used to coat ingredients in many ‘crispy’ dishes, instead of flour. I realized that fresh coconut is SO delish! I think I have been eating ‘old’ stuff all these years! When it comes to baked goods I am happy to bake it for someone else (with a sneak taste for myself) because I’m avoiding flour. Plus, the aroma in the kitchen is so great!

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