Sentimental Momentos

The day we moved our belongings to a new home I remember my mother directing my dad’s friends where to put the boxes they hauled  in from the rented moving truck. Each box was marked by room. When one of the men read the label on his box he asked, “What room do the Sentimental Momentos go?” The men got a big laugh out of it, especially when they discovered how many boxes were marked that way. Somehow mom’s endearing box label stuck with me.

Certain pieces of jewelry fit into my ‘sentimental momento’ category.

Sterling Silver Love You To The Moon And Back Necklace ….available at Etsy.

Sterling Silver I Carry Your In My Heart Necklace…words from E.E. Cummings

The Golden Love Personalized Necklace…from the Golden Pearl

The Sterling Silver Charm Necklace made by…Wonderfully Handmade

Hand stamped Personalized Gold & Silver Charm Necklace…available Etsy

On MOVING day a box of these sentimental momentos…would be easy to carry

and EASY to put away……no joke.


-Marsha 5/5/12






2 thoughts on “Sentimental Momentos

  1. Those are beautiful 🙂 Bcharmed Jewelery has some special tokens Ive noticed and thought of you with some of them. Very lovely.

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