Changes Were Required After Your Swan Dive

Those words sting in my ears as my husband describes the reasons behind a ‘venue’ change for our anniversary dinners.  In 2008 he planned what turned out to be a catastrophic attempt at romance on Valentines Day. He booked a table at Anthony’s Restaurant in Kirkland, known to us throughout the previous 26 years of our marriage as our ‘anniversary dinner’ spot. Somehow the sunsets looking through the sailboats over Lake Washington stuck a very solid cord with us on our first anniversary (1981) and since that time we returned yearly, like salmon returning to spawn.

 In 2008…he chose to take me to Anthony’s for Valentines Day as well. We had just put our 18-year-old  daughter, Molly, on a plane heading to Utah to visit her friend Abbey for her winter break.

That evening the main floor was very crowded and we were seated on the second floor…..complete with sunset view over the water. Following dinner we headed down the stairs and my new ‘sexy 2-inch valentine’ boot heel became caught in the carpet runner on the stairway. Before I knew it I was flying down the stairs, airborne, landing head first at the bottom of the staircase, facing the ceiling in the waiting area. Aside from creating horror for the waiting restaurant patrons, I knew something needed to be done about the position in which I found myself. I checked to make sure I wasn’t paralyzed and then flipped my feet over my head to stand up, smiled at the people and walked outside. Shortly thereafter I discovered my hand was broken…wedding ring had to be cut off. Not fun.

For our anniversary two months later, Greg booked a table at another restaurant. I’m sure he was not quite ready to repeat that experience….or he didn’t want to be seen with me at that restaurant so soon afterwards. At any rate, we ate seafood at an overpriced fancy schmancy famous chef’s place in Bellevue and pretended it was the best thing we had eaten since sliced cheese. It took 2 years before we returned to “OUR’ place.

So tonight…we returned to celebrate our 31st anniversary. He said “I love you. Try not to do a swan dive from the second floor”.

Doc Holiday and My Husband Were Friends


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