The Wedding Bee

By all accounts it appears I’ve been stung by the Wedding Bee . Our daughter is getting married soon and the fun, excitement, planning and Big Bertha Loan application have begun!   Little did I know the wedding industry is where I should have been working all these years.   It’s entirely possible I could have retired early had I specialized soley in wedding florals. Who knew that flowers are as good as gold?

Am I loving this? Absolutely! Okay, so I was kidding about the Big Bertha Loan, but things have changed since my hubby and I got hitched. For those who love parties, planning, crafts, color, food and ambience………this experience is the ultimate! The best part of all is knowing that my daughter is so happy and has chosen the most wonderful man with whom to share her life.  

The bride has selected her dress, which shall remain undescribed  and unphotographed until the day of the wedding, and ‘day-of’ plans have been underway for a few months now.  At this point it is time for the lengthy and probably frustrating process of finding a suitable dress for the mother. Crisis management might be required.


One thought on “The Wedding Bee

  1. I can’t wait to see pictures and hear about the big day! I’m excited for your family, weddings are what brings everyone together to celebrate love. Which is the ultimate reason to party wouldn’t you agree?
    I share the desire to find a reason to throw a party or host a celebration if only there was a tree that grew limitless amounts of $$$$ to support that desire. 🙂 Happy Wedding Day!!!

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